Aloha All- FYI, the latest info from Mayor Caldwell and Honolulu City and County Officials:

  • ALL City and State offices/services will be closed tomorrow, 8/8, and Saturday, 8/9 or until the National Weather Service gives the all clear (previously reported that DMV and Satellite City Halls would be open).
  • Included in the above, you MUST remove all bulky trash items and trash bins from the street and return them to your property for safety reasons.
  • 10 emergency evacuation shelters, 5 of which do NOT accept pets, under any circumstance. This is due to shortages of Humane Society volunteer help. You WILL be asked to leave your pets outside should you show up at shelters that cannot accept pets.
  • Iselle is scheduled to hit OAHU at 6am Friday morning and last through 4pm Friday.
  • SUSTAINED WINDS of 45-60 mph are expected to last between 10am and 2pm Friday.
  • Julio is expected to hit OAHU 4pm Saturday.
  • City is urging folks to close, latch and BOARD all windows; old suggestion of keeping windows open has been disproven.
  • There will be NO SIRENS for OAHU -- PLEASE sign up for emergency notifications from the Department of Emergency Management with Nixle at
  • If you are in a low lying area or flood zone, expect to evacuate to higher ground.
  • Should you experience any price gauging during this time, it is ILLEGAL and will be prosecuted; take a picture of the product, price tag, and notify the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) at 587-3222, once government offices re-open.
  • Buses will operate under normal schedules through 10pm tonight (8/7), at which time will only provide emergency transport services to evacuation shelters until one hour prior to Iselle’s impact, 5am Saturday, 8/8. Express buses will transport residents into Waikiki for work between 4:30am and 7am as needed on Friday, 8/8.
  • HFD/HPD services will operate on an emergency (life threatening) basis ONLY.
  • Ambulances will provide emergency transport to hospitals ONLY.
  • HECO reports there will be NO voluntary shut down of power.
  • Mayor Caldwell strongly urges EVERYONE to stay off of the roads, out of parks, and most certainly out of the ocean, island-wide. STAY HOME and take care!


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